Tongkat Ali supplement, dosage, review, eurycoma herb benefit as aphrodisiac, testosterone boosting herbal product?
LJ100 extract eurycoma longifolia, Indonesia or Malaysia source. How does it effect blood pressure, diabetes, blood sugar, hypertension, heart rate, hormone levels?
How to use this potent herbal sexual enhancer safely with the fewest adverse effects, 50 to 1, 100 to 1 and 200 to 1 extract

March 16 2016

Tongkat ali root works well as a libido booster and aphrodisiac in a man and a woman. Some websites promote high dosages which cause unpleasant and serious side effects. We trust the formulas and dosages made available by
Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D and suggest you review his informed and honest viewpoints regarding tongkat ali herb which answer questions such as whether it is better to purchase Indonesian or Malaysian products, and what extract potencies are most effective. As with many aphrodisiac herbs, it is better to use lower amounts and proceed with a slower sexual enhancement over several days or a week or two, as opposed to jolting the body with a high dose leading to increased body temperature, restlessness, aggressiveness, insomnia, perhaps even rapid heart rate or an irregular heart rhythm.

Extracts or whole powder, which is better? Many people are confused
Herbs are available as the regular powder where the root is just crushed and pulverized, sometimes called full spectrum, and also in various extract potencies where the active ingredients are more concentrated. There is a misconception that if an extract is 10:1 that means it is 10 times as potent, or if it is 100:1 then it is 100 times more potent, but that is not the case. There are no standards that determine what actually is contained in a product that calls itself 100:1 or  200:1. When an herb is concentrated, sometimes some of the other active ingredients are removed since the manufacturers focus on a particular substance within an herb rather than the full range of potential beneficial ingredients. Many people find plain tongkat ali 200 mg regular powder to be a good dose. As to LJ100, high doses, such as over 25 mg, may work quicker, but they cause unpleasant reactions.

Buy Tongkat Ali powder 200 mg in each capsule for women and men, dosage is one or two pills a day
Buy LJ100 extract 25 mg per capsule, dosage is one or two pills

You have several options when buying eurycoma longifolia herb. One product is plain Tongkat ali root powder 200 mg in each capsule; another option is LJ100, a high potency extract available at 25 mg per capsule. We believe this herb works better when combined, in small amounts, with other aphrodisiac herbs. We suggest an effective and popular sexual enhancement formula called Passion Rx developed by a medical doctor. Passion Rx is a
highly popular sexual enhancing product called which works very well to enhance sexual pleasure and performance in men and women. It is a best seller with a high reorder rate. Why? Because it works.

Dosage: 200 mg or 400 mg of the whole spectrum powder, 25 mg or 50 mg of the LJ100 extract

Buy Tongkat ali powder capsule, LJ100 50 mg per 2 capsules, Passion Rx sex enhancer for a man and woman, and other medical doctor formulated products

Q. I've read that you should cycle tongkat ali. Do you recommend doing that with Passion Rx product as well?
   A. Yes, we do suggest you cycle them. These natural aphrodisiacs do not work as well when consumed every day.

There are other online shopping sites that carry the products, for instance:
Amazon Tongkat ali shopping site and iHerb

What is the difference in strength or potency between tongkat ali powder 200 mg and LJ100 25 mg extract? Which one is more potent?
     It's difficult to say. Some people prefer the former while we have feedback for just the opposite, preferring the latter. The only way to know which one works better for you is by trial.

Tongkat Ali side effects, danger, risk, adverse events, how safe is it?
When used in high dosages, side effects occur which include increased body temperature, restlessness, irritability, and insomnia. Lack of quality sleep reduces sex drive. Many people notice enhanced energy
which could be felt as excessive and at bedtime could cause sleep problems. Some people may notice symptoms of anxiety. When you buy a LJ100 supplement, keep this in mind and initially start with a dose no more than 25 mg. A full capsule of LJ100 should not be taken on the same day as Passion Rx or other sex pill products and natural aphrodisiacs such as catuaba, muira puama, ashwagandha, avena sativa, horny goat weed supplement with icariin, since there could be overstimulation and restlessness. They can be combined when a fraction of the regular dose of each is used as is often found in natural herbal sex formulas. Additional natural aphrodisiacs include mucuna pruriens herb as a source of l dopa and dopamine increase and muira puama which is often combined with catuaba for enhanced sexual prowess and pleasure. Drink plenty of cool water if you notice your body temperature warmer. There are those who do not respond to one capsule but require two instead.
   Those who have heart failure or heart rhythm problems should be cautious and use small amounts since this herb increases heart rate.


Q. I have been taking tongkat ali for a month now, 2 capsules of a 50:1 extract, 400 mg a day. They are from Indonesia, Sumatra pasi bumi. Lately at night my heart has been speeding up and I have been nervous for no reason.
   A. This herb can stimulate an increase in heart rate and even cause palpitations when a high dose is used. Reduce the dose and take it less frequently. Long term studies are not available to determine its effect on heart tissue or heart disease if  overdosed for prolonged periods. Heart rhythm abnormalities, if they occur, return back to normal when the herb starts wearing off.

I would like to know if it interferes with heart medications or is safe for someone with heart disease. I also have hypertension but it is mild and I do not use high blood pressure medications.
   This root, in high doses, could cause heart rhythm problems. This would not be a major problem in those who have normal hearts since the effects are temporary, but in those who have heart diseasehj complications could occur. Hence, we don't suggest you buy tongkat ali if you have a heart condition. Those with mild, controlled hypertension can use this product.

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Testimonials from users and additional adverse reactions
I have been off Tongkat ali for three days now and still cannot sleep through the night. I only took two weeks worth of the product before stopping with the normal on / off cycles. How long will it take until my sleep is not interrupted? I'm really concerned. I was taking two 650 mg of the 100:1 extract twice a day. I stopped once insomnia kicked in, did more research, and learned the dose was way too high. Is my body permanently messed up? Will I get a normal night of sleep again? I can fall asleep just fine, but I always wake up at 1:30 am and cannot fall back asleep. This has been going on for one week now. I've been off Tongkat for three full days.
   A. Sleep usually returns back to normal after a couple of weeks unless other medications or herbal supplements are being used that interrupt sleep.

Supplement information
Eurycoma longifolia jack is a small tree found in the jungles throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It is commonly known as Tongkat Ali in Malaysia and Singapore, Piak or Tung Saw in Thailand, and Pasak Bumi in Indonesia. This root is available as a supplement in various extract potencies. Both Malaysia and Indonesia have good, healthy trees. Be skeptical of web sites that try to sell their product claiming theirs is the best.


Benefit as an aphrodisiac
Over the past few years there have been quite a number of studies, mostly in animals, that have shown tongkat ali root to have libido-boosting properties.

Tongkat ali has been called Malaysia's herbal Viagra although it has an influence on sexual enhancement quite different than Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other prescription erectile dysfunction medications.


About LJ100 and other trademarked products
LJ100 is a concentrated extract of the tongkat ali root. It contains
Eurycoma Longifolia, standardized to 40% Glycosaponins and 22% Eurypeptides.


Q. Various companies, such as New Life, SD-200, Life Vigor, etc, indicate that an individual should take anywhere from 100 mg to 1200 mg of Tongkat ali extract. This is a very large disparity from the 25 mg to 50mg max dosage that you recommend for the LJ100 product. Why is there such a great difference between recommended dosage?
   A. We have no idea what the other products contain or how accurate they are or how pure they are. We just know that the eurycoma products mentioned on this page and available for sale have a high rate of reorder and we stand by the dosages that each capsule contains.


Q. I would like your opinion on something I came across on the internet. "I avoid most of the other products in the marketplace. Not because they are inferior but simply because they are insufficient. One capsule of SD-200 contains 300 mg of extract. One capsule of Indonesian Tongkat Ali contains 400 mg of extract. If you look at LJ 100, one capsule contains 25 mg. I'm sorry but that amount just ain't going to cut it. Now, if you take 20 capsules at a time, it may work but it just don't seem very practical and if you are to add up the cost, it is actually more expensive than SD-200! I recommend Indonesian Tongkat Ali. Its less expensive when you consider the total gram you are receiving."
    A. There is dangerous misinformation on this topic on the internet by those who wish to promote their product, such as SD-200, at the expense of others. People can get serious side effects on very high dosages and it is better to enhance the sexual effects gradually than get these adverse reactions. Many people have followed the advice on other web sites and have regretted it. Promoters who try to make money criticizing other products are inherently not to be trusted. Try the different products and find out for yourself.


Q. I was reading your website and It says to take the capsules or power in single doses. I had bought SD-50 Eurycoma Longifolia Jack extract strength 1:50. it says to take 3 capsules in the morning before food. Would this be safe or is it too much?
   A. SD-50 is a tongkat ali extract that we have not taken ourselves so we don't know how potent it is. If you are sensitive to herbal products, take less than is advised on the label.


Fertility and infertility, sperm health
The effect of Eurycoma longifolia on sperm quality of male rats.
Nat Prod Commun. 2009.
The present study investigated the effects of a standardized methanol extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack containing the major quassinoid constituents of epoxyeurycomanone, eurycomanone, dihydroeurycomanone and eurycomanol on the epididymal spermatozoa profile of normal and Andrographis paniculata induced infertile rats. The low count, poor motility and abnormal morphology of the spermatozoa induced by the Andrographis paniculata fraction were significantly reversed by the standardized extract of E. longifolia. Testosterone level was significantly higher in the testes than in the plasma after 30 days of oral treatment with the standardized extract.


Menopause and hot flashes
We are not sure how this plant influences
symptoms of menopause. It can make the body feel warmer which may not feel well for some women.

Influence on testosterone levels, body building
Will this product aid in building muscle mass or increase testosterone levels?
    TA appears in some studies to boost testosterone levels, but it is not clear whether it does so consistently over time and even less is known whether taking TA helps with muscle growth. This herb has quite a number of side effects and if you plan to use it for this purpose, use very low amounts. We prefer using creatine monohydrate and protein powders as safe methods to increase muscle mass. Even if this herb helps make, or release, testosterone, would the effects continue over time? We do know that taking a tongkal ali supplement helps increase libido and genital sensation, along with orgasm strength. Are these due to testosterone release or due to other factors?


Andrologia. 2012. Standardised water-soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia as testosterone booster for managing men with late-onset hypogonadism. Wellmen Clinic, Damai Service Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
In South-East Asia Tongkat ali is used to combat stress and disease and to improve physical strength. Patients suffering from late-onset hypogonadism were given 200 mg of a standardised water-soluble extract of Tongkat ali for 1 month. Results show that treatment of these patients significantly improved the serum testosterone concentration.


Mechanism of action, how it works, how soon it starts working
Recent studies indicate that the root contains several compounds including beta-carboline alkaloids and quassinoid-type glycosides, including eurycomaoside. How these compounds and many others influence hormonal release or the human sexual response is not clearly understood at this time but it appears, at least in rodent studies, that the administration of this herb increases testosterone output, at least initially.


How quickly does tongkat ali or LJ100 work? Can they be used the same day as the pharmaceutical drugs Viagra, Levitra and Cialis used for impotence or erectile dysfunction treatment?

   Herbs are not like drugs which work within hours although a very high dose of tongkat ali can start working quickly. They take a few days before providing optimal results. You can take one capsule LJ100 in the morning every other day or 3 days a week. We suggest not taking Viagra the same day. Viagra can be taken on a day when you are not taking the herbal pills and it is better to use a smaller dose of Viagra than you normally do, for instance 50 mg instead of 100 mg. Tongkat ali and many other libido boosting herbs have a delayed effect into the second and third day after taking a capsule.


Availability and dosage, review, the many versions of this product sold online and in health foods stores, Amazon, iHerb, GNC, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Vitamin World
Tongkat Ali is sold as a powder, in capsules, sometimes mixed with other herbs. There are a number of extracts available in various potencies, and since each company has a different way of extracting, and since there are no established standards, it is difficult to give dosage recommendations that would be consistently effective with few side effects. In addition to being available as a raw powder, it is sold in extracts as a 4:1, 5:1, 20:1 and a 100:1 concentration. But, as discussed earlier, there are no standards that say qualify what ingredients or plant chemicals are in these formulations. At the higher concentrations it becomes difficult to dose appropriately since the margin of error in terms of effectiveness versus side effects becomes more challenging. There are companies that claim they have a 200 to or even a 400 to 1 extract. Many researchers who are experts on this topic question what these numbers actually mean.
   Although high dosages work quicker, they also can produce unpleasant reactions. Hence, we suggest starting at a lower amount, such as 200 mg of root powder, and to use this amount every other day or two days on, one or more days off. Use a lower amount if you live in a hot climate since this herb can raise body temperature.

There are dozens of companies that sell eurycoma products. We have not done a review of the different supplements to see how effective they are. Some products have too high a dosage and if you do purchase them, use a portion of a capsule. You can learn more about a company that sells high quality products online at Physician Formulas..

Tolerance and habituation
The hormonal influence of tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, and many other herbs, when used on a chronic basis, is not fully known since human studies are few, but tolerance and habituation are theoretically possible. We recommend people take breaks from the use of herbs. In most people, it only needs to be taken 2 or 3 days a week.


Interactions with vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements
B vitamins in high amounts can cause excess energy but can be taken together with TA as long as the dosages are low.
Fish oils benefit the cardiovascular system, the neural system, and the visual system and can be combined with TA.


Use with over the counter hormone supplements
I am a 62 year old male bodybuilder (no steroids) and am currently taking 50mg DHEA per day and have done for a number of years. I eat a healthy diet and am considering also supplementing with tongkat ali root powder 200 mg and pregnenolone. Can you advise me about a safe dosage regimen for this combination?
    DHEA, pregnenolone and the aphrodisiac herb are potent supplements and should be used with caution and not the same day. We do not suggest using more than 3 capsules a week of the herb and not the same day as the hormone pills.


Use with herbal products
Is it okay to take extracts of tongkat ali, ginkgo biloba, maca root extract and ginseng the same day?
   These herbs are potent, and they are fine to take together only in very small dosages, otherwise you are likely to get insomnia and feel energized in an irritable way.


Use with prescription medications, blood pressure pills, heart medications, and antidepressants
Q. Is tongkat extract safe to take with antidepressant medications such as SSRIs? I have depression and erectile dysfunction and I think the SSRI drugs are causing impotence. I also have a mild case of arthritis for which I use glucosamine and chondroitin products.
   A. It may not be safe to take along with SSRI medications such as Zoloft, Prozac or Paxil. It could cause rapid heart beat, increased body temperature, restlessness, or other side effects when combined with medicines that have an influence on neurotransmitters. If your doctor approves, you may wish to skip your depression medication during the days that you take the sexual plant extract.


Penis enlargement, male enhancement
Q. I read somewhere that tongkat ali causes penis size enlargement. What is the influence of this natural health supplement on penis size and growth?
   A. It can help with improving penis blood flow, but it will not help your penis grow bigger than it would normally under maximal stimulation. In other words, this aphrodisiac plant can help your penis engorge to the maximum it would if you were stimulated, but it is not going to make your penis grow an inch or two. Certain herbs and combinations can help with dilation of blood vessels, often through nitric oxide pathway, and give you the maximum enlargement that you were genetically born to achieve.


Review article in medical journal
J Diet Suppl. 2013. An evidence-based systematic review of tongkat ali by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration Natural Standard Research Collaboration, Somerville, MA, USA.  An evidence-based systematic review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration consolidates the safety and efficacy data available in the scientific literature using a validated, reproducible grading rationale. This article includes written and statistical analysis of clinical trials, plus a compilation of expert opinion, folkloric precedent, history, pharmacology, kinetics / dynamics, interactions, adverse effects, toxicology, and dosing.