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March 29 2014

Men who receive combination treatment with hormone therapy plus radiation for local or locally advanced prostate cancer may experience a significant reduction in penile size. There has been anecdotal evidence that radiation therapy can reduce penile size but the present study is the first to determine if penile size changes following combination treatment with hormone therapy plus radiation. Dr. Ahmet Haliloglu and colleagues at the University of Ankara in Turkey enrolled 47 men with local or locally advanced prostate cancer. The patients, who were followed from 2000 to 2005, received leuprolide or goserelin injections every 3 months, for a total of three doses. At month 7, radiotherapy, using a 70-Gy dose, was initiated and continued for 7 weeks. Just before treatment began, the average stretched penile size length was 5.6 inches. Eighteen months later, the average penile size length had shortened significantly to 3.4 inches. Erectile function was also adversely affected by treatment. Roughly 23 percent of men had normal erectile function before therapy. Eighteen months later, 12 percent were able to have an erection that was suitable for intercourse. Journal of Urology, January 2007.

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